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Transform your message into a story with impact!

For a limited time we are offering a free consult. In just 60 minutes we will help you:

  1. Clarify/articulate your message

  2. Identify a visual style

  3. Choose the format ie. song, explainer video, story, E-Learning

Specialising in SONG, STORY & IMAGES to Communicate HEALTH, SOCIAL & COMMUNITY Messages.

Content & Format

We define the important information that you want to communicate, and the best format, be it a narrated story, song, explainer video or E-Learning.

Script & Song

We turn your messages into an engaging script or song. Our specialty is converting technical terms and jargon into plain English.


We create a unique visual style to tell your story so it stands out. Visuals can be developed to suit any budget.

Voice & Music

We record the narration or song lyrics that tell your story with authenticity.


We take your viewers on a journey by bringing your story to life.


Get your message heard… publish to websites, social media, E-Learning, TV, Radio and more.

Get your message seen and heard

With a free consult you will:

  1. Understand how your message can be communicated visually and aurally

  2. Understand the costs of producing an educational animation

  3. Feel confident your message will be seen

About Educational Animations

Educational Animations was founded by Michael Roseth in 2020. Michael has over 10 years of experience in production of educational resources for the health and social services sector. Michael comes from a background in the visual arts, from which he brings his flare for illustration, animation and visual communication. He has worked on numerous projects that deal with complex issues and diverse stakeholders. He loves the challenge of finding visual and narrative ways to communicate complex issues. Educational Animations Studio is based in Darwin and engages a pool of talent from across the NT and beyond for project production: script and song writers, musicians, actors, animators, sound designers, learning designers. Utilising digital technologies, Educational Animations can work with clients from the NT, from Australia, from the world!


What Others Say

The Arts Law Centre of Australia worked with Michael Roseth from Educational Animations on a video on Wills for Artists in remote communities. Michael was a great communicator, kept within timeframes and budget and we are very happy with the final animated video.

Donna Robinson, Senior Solicitor, Arts Law

Working with Michael is a very pleasant and productive experience. I especially like his creative suggestions that provide complicated concepts with clear, concise messages and pictures. He is very responsive to our requests, works to budget and the timeframe required. I look forward to working with him again.Diana Mosca, eGFR Study Manager, Menzies School of Health Research

Educational Animations created animated videos and stills for a project to develop a 2 hour course to train teachers in the mandatory reporting of harm and exploitation of children. Michael provided expert advice to the project and his work was timely, of high quality and perfectly pitched for the project. His insightful depiction of classroom and school contexts and characters significantly enhanced the quality of the course. Susan Barton Johnson, Principal Consultant, Curriculum Leadership

Educational Animations helped us transform a sketch into a professional and appealing graphic for our publication in 'Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences'. Michael went through several revisions and made sure the graphic was both aesthetic and scientific. I look forward to working with him again!

Yoav Ram, School of Zoology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University

Northern Territory Aids & Hepatitis Council engaged Michael to develop an educational resource about Hepatitis B for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Michael really helped us to refine the concept and then delivered the project within the required budget and timeframe. The Hep B Side video was published via our social media channels and successfully engaged our target audiences. Suresh Sharma, Nurse Practitioner, Hep B Side Project Leader